While Being Many We Are One
While Being Many We Are One
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Unity At Any Cost

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One thing that unites us is that we are Black. This is the group that we are grouped under. There are many things that divide us such as our educational, our social class, our place of birth, our likes, our gender, our religion, and our sexual orientation just to name a few. All these things that separate us were not necessarily chosen by us. As long as we focus on those divisions, we can never unite as one people. Some of you call yourself African, Haitian, Jamaican, Trinidadian, Dominican, Puerto Rican and others Americans. All these are labels that keeps us divides.

These labels only separates us and makes us collectively weak. It is imperative that we find something to bring us together so that collectively we can plan our future. It is imperative that we are united for the future of our children. They should be thought to be bright, prosperous, free and independent without the need to compromise their identity. We are indeed more than what we have become. The time to take our rightful place and map out our destiny is now. The time to be in one mind is now. The time to be one people is now. The time to rewrite our story is now.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today and today is the day for us to unite under this one identity with one purpose. It is time that we begin to embrace our blackness collectively. It is time that we embrace each other. It is time that we embrace our story. We choose to no longer be divided by ideas or beliefs. Today we are Black first. Today we are OneUs. 

Our future depends on this one idea which is unity at any cost. We cannot allow anything to get in the way of us coming together to become one. Either we unify or we have no future. Either we unite or we continue to be lead in a direction of no return. We want our children mapping out their own future. They deserve to be able to live a life without any fear, compromise or repercussions. Change and progress begin in the mind. Let us renew or minds together. L' Uion Fait La Force. 

Inspire, equip and unite.

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