While Being Many We Are One
While Being Many We Are One
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The Vision

We are OneUs. Our goal and vision is for us to get to a place where we are united in one mind, one goal and one vision. A place where we put aside everything that divides us and embrace one purpose.  Enlight! Empower! Unite!

#OneUs #B1 #BlackCellence #PowerNonics


1. We must united as a race at any cost

2. We must put each other first

3. We must learn African history 

4. We must love ourselves and embrace each other

5. We must work and support each other

6. We must create and support black businesses 

7. We must create a successful black nation that is completely independent and self-sufficient 

8. We must teach our children African history 

9. We must love, respect and protect nature

10. We must love, protect and defend black women and children

11. We most protect our mind, body and spirit